About Us

We take pride in our ability to assist local residents and businesses ensure the safety of their surroundings. Our handlers and K9s receive world class training in order to provide our customers peace of mind that their children, employees, or clients are in the safest environment possible. We firmly believe in helping businesses reduce their liability associated with narcotics or explosives. 

Our Miami based team has years of experience in drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities where we saw, first hand, the anxiety and fear that parents, spouses, employers, and clinics have in regards to the possibility of having dangerous substances on their premises. We saw a need in the dog detection industry so we decided to open Drug Detecting Dogs in Miami, Florida. Our dogs will sniff out any of the major substances you can list with the exception of bed bugs. 

Each of our owners' families suffer from addiction, and we understand how difficult it can be. We have a passion for helping create peace of mind in knowing that your loved one, or place of business, is as safe as possible. 

Our goal is to educate local business owners on why they need to be proactive with measures like Detection Dogs. Not only can detecting dogs find substances, but they can help deter any future narcotic or weapon incidents in the future. 

Tyler Randall

Chief Financial Officer

Frank Cilurso

Chief Executive Officer

Kelsey Evans

Executive Vice President

Mark Chmielinski

Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Leichtman

Chief Marketing Officer