Bed Bug K9 Detection

Bedbug and bedbug detection facts

Bedbugs are more than a nursery rhyme. In fact, lack of public awareness has led to the rise of bedbug outbreaks. There is certainly a stigma attached to bedbug infestations IE social media ratings and general panic with any sort of infestation. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, how clean or dirty your place of living is, or if you live in urban or rural areas. Infestations are possible everywhere and anywhere driven by a couple factors:
- Decrease in harsh chemical pesticides have allowed bedbugs to flourish
- Ease of travel (for example, someone can get on a bus or plane in El Paso, TX and be in NYC in a matter of hours or days) it has allowed bedbugs to hitchhike greater distances in shorter time

Bedbugs are hitchhiking pests. We have had inspections in: hotels, nursing homes, sober homes, treatment centers, assisted living homes, day cares, call centers, hospitals, schools, jails, courthouses, libraries, factories, department and furniture stores, thrift shops, distribution centers, airports and airplanes, retirement communities, residential treatment facilities, banks, theaters, and many more. Basically, anywhere humans congregate is a possibility to find bedbugs. We provide bed bug k9 detecting searches in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania!

Did you know?
- On average bedbugs live up to 6 months but have been known to survive well over a year

- Bedbugs will travel through pipes and conduits from room to room or from apartment to apartment.

- Bedbugs can shed their exoskeleton so that chemicals don’t penetrate their body

-One female can lay over 250 eggs in her life time. This is a problem for a couple reasons: 1) Female bedbugs can lay multiple hatches of offspring from just one reproduction session, 2) When a female senses her life is in danger, she will lay all her eggs at once. This is doubly problematic because there are different treatments to kill eggs versus adolescent and mature bedbugs.  (So even if you do kill all the adult bedbugs, if the eggs aren’t taken care of as well then you’ll be starting over from square one in a month)
A new generation of bedbugs can be hatched in a week. They can start reproducing in as short as a month. An infestation happens when the early signs of bedbugs is missed or ignored.

Treatment options for Bed Bugs

Self-treatment is highly discouraged. Using over the counter chemicals seems like an easy solution until you read the fine print. A lot of chemicals will “kill on contact” but that will only apply to bedbugs you can see and if you can see bedbugs then it’s too late. Also, if you can only kill the bedbugs you see that doesn’t account for the ones you can’t see and doesn’t account for the eggs. If you happen to kill every adult bedbug but you missed the eggs then you’ll be back at square one in a month.
Using heat treatment. Bedbugs are tricky because if you don’t have the room fully secure the bedbugs can escape. If you heat up a room too quickly they will escape. If you heat up the room to slowly they will escape. Using professional heat treatment is best option. By using experienced professionals you are more likely to exterminate the pests in a shorter amount of time.

Why use K9 detection to locate bedbugs???
-Accuracy: Visual inspections are between 18 to 30% accurate compared to a K9s 95-98% accuracy rate.
-Piece of Mind: Knowing that a highly trained K9 team has confirmed whether or not you have bedbugs is a huge relief
-Cost efficiency: Using K9s to determine where the bedbugs are located helps save money because a lot of pest control companies will charge per room or square foot for treatment. Using K9s helps to pinpoint where the problem is. Call us to learn how we can help in New York, New Jersey, Florida, or Pennsylvania to sniff, sweep, smell, or detect bed bugs at your property today!

We search Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and many other states for bed bugs. Our K9s work to sniff bed bigs in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Philadelphia, New York City, Long Island, Newark, Jersey City, Lancaster, Washington DC, and many more!