South Florida Florida Detection Dogs

Safeguarding Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach With Detection Dogs 

Drug Detecting Dogs and Bomb Detecting Dogs are proud to introduce Detection K9 sniffing services in all counties and cities in South Florida. Through our services, we help clients reduce their business risk and liability by deterring the use or smuggling of drugs and weapons. We founded our company in South Florida with Drug Detecting K9s, and have since added 16 states to our coverage area. We have clients who own homes, businesses, health care facilities, sober homes, prisons, schools, shipping, logistics, events paces, expos, and more. Use 3DK9 detection to handle explosive k9 security protection at your private or public event.

Greater South Florida Area Detection Dog Sniffing Services: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Stuart, and Port St Lucie.

We are happy to provide weapon, narcotic, and explosive K9 searches to any of these areas. We can provide emergency K9 detecting searches for weapons and narcotics upon requests in Miami Date, Broward, West Palm Beach, Marion, and St Lucie County in Florida.