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Streamline Your Cargo and Warehouse Safety Methods

Founded in one of the largest ports cities in the world, Drug Detecting Dogs takes massive pride in its ability to assist local warehouses, shipping companies, and cruise companies to help ensure the safest environment possible. Our drug detection dog team streamlines cargo and warehouse safety tactics, in addition to deterring drug and weapon smuggling. Each K9 is trained to perform indoor or outdoor sweeps, as well as sweeping boats, shipping containers and large warehouses.

We serve multiple international shipping companies across the region based out of cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, New York City, Long Island, Houston, New Orleans, Denver, Colorado Springs, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, Knoxville, Louisville, Norfolk, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg,and Orlando. We can also serve the Caribbean and Latin American ports if required with our K9 Drug Sweepers.  

Reinforcing Cargo and Warehouse Safety to Deter Smuggling

Shipping companies use our detecting services as a deterrent to prevent employee-related smuggling. We encourage local business owners to add in random K9 searches to their vessels, warehouses, shipping routes, and docks to show employees you are taking preventive measures. Drug Detecting Dogs are the best way to avoid unnecessary customs stops that can delay shipping and impact customer service/retention. 

Our K9s are equipped to handle indoor or outdoor searches as well as boats, ships, containers, and large warehouses. We serve all of South Florida and can accommodate numerous other locations across Florida and Georgia. Rain or shine, our drug sniffing K9s will ensure your shipping processes are free and clear of narcotics while enhancing cargo and warehouse safety efforts. We have recently added K9 explosive and narcotic services to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland as well! 

To learn more about our cargo, shipping and warehouse safety and detection methods, please call us at 855-561-DOGS (3647).