Nicotine Dogs

We receive calls daily. Can you detect nicotine? The answer is yes. 

Our K9's sniff out every drug you can imagine like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, MDMA, and Amphetamines to name a few. However with the rise of products like Juul's parents, schools, and administrators are worried about vaping. Teenagers have never had easier access to nicotine products, and as a result the distribution in our school systems have skyrocketed. 

Our K9 teams are able to locate tobacco and vape products in any form ensuring you have the cleanest environment. With the recent spread of COVID theres even a greater fear of teens sharing vapes and spreading COVID through direct contact. We feel its essential for school administrators to find services like ours as they re open schools to ensure students know the firm policy on vaping and distributing vapes on school property. 

If you want to learn more information on our drug or nicotine dogs please dont hesitate to call us today and see how easy it easy to have our sniffing dogs come out!