drug detection

Michigan Drug Bomb Dogs

Weapon, Explosive and Drug Detection Dog Services

We are excited to announce the addition of Drug Detection Dog, Bomb Dog, Weapon Detection, and Patrol K9s to Michigan. Cities include Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Warren, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights, Dearborn, and more! 

We help sniff, search, sweep, and smell for narcotics, drugs, explosives, guns, weapons and bombs in your area. We provide k9 weapon and drug detection services in schools, churches, religious events, event security, treatment centers, sober living and single family homes in all areas of Michigan, Northern Ohio and Illinois.  

Michigan has suffered from an addiction crisis and we are here to help the community locate and deter drug narcotic use in the state. We are able to sweep for a number of drugs listed on our site and can provide free consultations for any business or home in Michigan. Call today to learn more about how Drug Detecting Dogs can help you.