Top Spots Where Addicts Hide Drugs

Published December 7th, 2018 by Drugdetectadmin

Top Spots Where Addicts Hide Drugs

When people are struggling with addiction, it is not unusual to hide their addiction from loved ones by getting creative with their drug hiding spots. Whether in the car, under their bed, or at work, addicts will do everything they can to avoid the inevitable judgement of loved ones. Here are the top 5 hiding spots where addicts hide drugs and you'll see why Drug Detection Dogs are needed to truly sweep a room:  

On Or Inside Their Body: Wallet, Body Cavities, Bras, And Hair
Containers: Food,Makeup, Toiletries,And Office Items Rarely Used
Clothing On Them Or In Closets/Laundry: Socks, Shoes, Jacket Pockets, Lining of Jeans
Fixtures: Light Fixtures, Vents, Taped Behind Objects
Covert Hiding Spots: Vape Pens and Devices Purchased To Hide Like Twist off Aerosol Cans

What to Do if you Suspect a Loved One is Hiding Their Addiction
The advancement of products has given addicts more opportunities to hide addiction from their families and conceal their drugs without being caught – by a human search. Even though these areas described above are common, the innovativeness of addicts should not be underestimated when it comes to hiding drugs. What you can count on, is a safe and secure treatment facility or home by use of a Narcotic K9 detection team.
Using a K9 handler-dog team is a simple way to discreetly detect the presence of narcotics in your home, treatment facility, business, or event, and can search out various narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. We do K9 sweeps, sniffs, and searches in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Delaware, Maryland and more! 
Private K9 company services are completely discreet, confidential and effective. Whether you are worried about a family member’s potential drug use or concerned that their friends could be bringing drugs into your home or facility, you deserve to know with certainty that your home or facility is drug-free.
Even though addicts think they may be smart when hiding their drugs, K9’s are smarter. What could take a human to search hours would only take minutes for a K9, due to their incredible sense of smell – 100,000 times better than a human. If you suspect a loved one is hiding their addiction, there is no better way to keep your home or facility clear of narcotics than the use of a K9 detection team. For more information, or schedule your first K9 sweep, please contact us at today!

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