We are capable of searching vehicles from cars to 18-wheelers. If you are worried drugs or weapons in a shared car, it's imperative you have a K9 search. Remember, you are held accountable for substances in your car in the event of a traffic stop/search. 

Our canine comprehensive vehicle search is included with our property searches since we feel its important to have a true sweep of your facility.

Once clients, family members, or employees become aware of dog searches, they will find creative places to hide substances. Luckily for you, our K9s are capable of finding firearms and narcotics in places humans would be unable to reach. Dogs are capable of finding substances under cars, in tires, under seats, in engines, and any other area you can or can't imagine. This helps you prove that your vehicle, parking lot, cargo, or merchandise is free and clear of illegal and dangerous contraband.

Our K9s are military trained and will effectively sweep your car to ensure no substances remain. We serve all of South Florida and can accommodate numerous other locations upon request.

To learn more please call us at 855-561-DOGS(3647).